Water Street Current


Water Street Living

Water Street Tampa will be a walkable, curated, and beautiful place where people can discover, create, and live well.

This historic transformation will seamlessly blend together a variety of spaces and experiences. From bike paths and green spaces to encourage walkability, to extraordinary public art and culinary gems, innovative cultural and entertainment venues, educational institutions and more, Water Street Tampa will offer a unique lifestyle in a city with amazing natural features and a superior quality of life.


The first WELL-certified community in the world, Water Street Tampa is built on inclusivity, connectedness, sustainability, and resiliency.

To earn this WELL-certified designation, the community meets a variety of standards, including healthy food options and programmed fitness and recreation available in community gathering places. WELL certification also prioritizes residents’ health with noise mitigation within the built environment, air quality controls and monitoring, and water purification and filtration.


Digital integration is front and center in the neighborhood. In order to create a seamless experience, Water Street Tampa will be connected with smart technology that allows people to reserve building amenities and services as well as rentable bikes, kayaks, paddleboards, or boats.

Water Street Tampa will also use technology to improve mobility and access. Pre-paid parking in smart parking garages will be available, smart traffic sensors will adjust signals to improve congestion, and centralized car-sharing and carpooling will reduce the number of cars on the road.


The landscaping in the public realm, combined with the public art initiatives, will form a natural and sustainable verdant buffer, creating streets that are cool and pleasant to walk along. These will be green spaces where people will love to spend time, whether shopping and dining, meeting friends, or attending outdoor events. The public realm will, above all, prioritize pedestrian comfort.

As the neighborhood’s most identifiable and unique street, Water Street will feature a 45-foot- wide landscaped promenade on its eastern side, shaded by a double row of mature Live Oak trees, providing a canopy of filtered light and protection from the sun. The space will form a spine of activity with lively plazas and abundant outdoor spaces for dining, recreation, and gathering. While this segment of Water Street will not be finished until the fall of 2020, SPP has already begun the process of sourcing the Live Oak trees to ensure the trees will be of maturity on day one.


Public Art

Public art and lifestyle enrichment are cornerstones of the Water Street Tampa neighborhood. Art will be plentiful to activate the pedestrian experience, to encourage customers and visitors to linger and enjoy.


Water Street Tampa will also pursue LEED certification for Neighborhood Development (“LEED-ND”) – a ranking that measures the true sustainability and energy efficiency of new neighborhood developments through building in a compact, walkable, accessible urban context.

An innovative centralized district cooling facility will serve the buildings in Water Street Tampa, reducing redundant mechanical systems & energy consumption while freeing up rooftops that would otherwise include large cooling towers to instead feature lushly landscaped green roofs and active amenity spaces.

Learn more about the vision for Water Street Tampa here.